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About Bohemia Creative Services

With over 30 years experience in performance, production, education and content creation, Bohemia Creative Services (BCS) provides a variety of solutions to help you achieve your creative vision.

From creative coaching, concept development, to technical expertise in today's creation tools, BCS's multidisciplinary approach spans across the creative spectrum.

About Our Founder

James R. Williams 

Founder & President


Jim Williams has been involved in the Arts since the age of 8, when he first stepped on stage as the Pirate King in his 4th grade production of The Pirates of Penzance. He has since performed in, directed, and produced over 100 plays, musicals, television programs, as well as short and feature length films. He is a performance and directing coach, as well as an arts educator. 

His passion for artistic expression inevitably led him to pursue the technical aspect of production and content creation. Gaining experience and professional credits in production and sound design, audio and video editing, as well as cinematography expanded his expertise further. 

Eventually, Jim found himself in the world of podcasting and video blogging, where he has been able to use his collected experience to create engaging and entertaining content, as well as help others do the same. 

Founding Bohemia Creative Services was the culmination of this artistic background, as well as his enduring passion to lend his experience and expertise to those looking to fulfill their creative vision.

Art is dreams made manifest. No one can show this to you; you have to find out for yourself.

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